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        Contact Us

        JETBeam Electronic Technology Co. Ltd Offers professional Customer Services

        if you have any question, please contactu us freely, Jetbeam will reply you as soon as possible.
        Tel: +86 755-2752 3445

        Fax: +86 755-2817 5738
        Distributors / Wholesale Orders Support/Customer Services:

        E-mail: info@jetbeamlight.com (USA, Asia or Africa Area)
        E-mail:info@niteye.com (European Area)

        Marketing center address:Room 1313-1315, WeiDongLong Building, MeiLong Road,LongHua District, Shenzhen, China
        The factory Address:
        Dunbei Industrial Park, Dalang South Road, Longhua Town, Baoan Area, Shenzhen, 518000 China
        Website: http://www.xyzn520.com.cn

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